Tuesday, May 20, 2014

15 month check up

     This morning, we had our 15 month well baby check up. It went as well as I expected.
     She did not want to be naked/ weighed/ measured. She did not want to let the doctor look and feel around in her mouth. She put up with the stethoscope.

     When we discussed her teeth, the doctor has to call a pediatric dentist and will be in contact with us. She doesn't know what we really can do, aside from waiting. When I've googled, they can do xrays (but even in Canada, I'd have to pay out of pocket). There was no concern about her not knowing animal noises, but it's something we should work on.

     We decided to vaccinate against chicken pox, and she was a trooper until the end. She was either staring at daddy or the doctor, at one point her arm twitched when the needle was being removed and she started to cry. It didn't last long, and she didn't even need milkies.

     I was making her 18 month appointment (one hour long, bejebus) and daddy was getting her ready, trying to as Kaelynn stared at a babybaby. She came to me with her arms out to put her coat on, I told her to bring her head to daddy for her hat, then she came back to me to do it up. Smart kiddo.

     Even if she's not really stacking blocks, talking up a storm, or entirely knowing her foot from her nose, she is learning useful skills: she tidies her own messes, understands when we want her to bring us stuff (and gets it right sometimes), and is enjoying being a free range baby.

Height: 29"
Weight: 20.7lbs

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