Friday, May 2, 2014

Bribes win battles

     I don't care what anyone says, bribes are good for babies. I sit on the floor of my daughter's room as she plays in her crib. This is a MAJOR improvement from even last night.

    Last night, she was super hyper and refusing to sleep or even settle. I brought her to the crib and she had a freak out. I sat on the floor and read to her. She started to settle down once Woody or Molly told her what to do. At about 11pm, I gave in. She came to bed, nursed, and slept til 9am.

     This afternoon, we're playing in the crib. Lights are fully on (even though they don't need to be). I brought with us a bowl of puffs (or as I call them "baby bribes"). She got upset when I went to go to the bathroom, but realized she had snacks and promptly dumped them to eat them. For the past 30-40 minutes (I've not really kept track), she's been playing by herself as I write letters, check emails, text, and take picture proof.

     This makes me a happy mama. This makes me think "maybe tonight?!"

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