Wednesday, December 12, 2012

30 Weeks

     Hello 30 weeks and dry skin! My hands feel like they're made of sandpaper and are getting peely patches going on. I guess it doesn't help that I wash my hands constantly at work - but at least I don't get sickly. I have been feeling the comings on of a cold, but nothing has actually hit me yet. It's probably our quickly changing weather in Ontario. In our town, we had our first "snow" fall that lasted over night. I mean "snow" because it melted by the afternoon and was just ground cover.
     The one thing that no one talks about during pregnancy is the feeling that someone kicked you between the legs. Oh pressure and stiffness. Plus, I was notified by a friend that I also have the preggo waddle going on now. Earlier this week,I stopped into my old job and an ex-coworker said it looked like I was having twins. I think for 30 weeks, I am still looking tiny. I can manage to wiggle and creatively wear my own clothing.
     I have a feeling she's starting to move up. It feels like there is a blockage/nerve endings being poked under my right ribs. It doesn't hurt or anything, it just feels awkward.
     It's almost Christmas. Time to put the presents I picked up recently either in bags or wrapped. Just so I can say it's been done and over with (and make coffee for the bf and some tea for me). The kitties are all napping, perhaps its a wake up forced snuggle time for them!
     Tomorrow is a check up. The start of 2 week check ups (I think). Update after that. I am sure everything is fine.

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