Friday, December 14, 2012

Doctors Update

     Yesterday, I had my monthly doctors appointment. No gestational diabetes, everything seems to be going along course, I am 201 pounds (*sadface*). Her heartbeat was 138bps, which she said was perfect. I have made my next appointment to start going every 2 weeks (but in this case in 3 weeks, due to the Christmas season).

     At work today, I was alone for the lunch rush (sometimes how I would prefer it).  The rush was a surprise rush because Fridays it usually isn't busy. I managed, didn't forget anyones food, and noone yelled at me. I even had a few people offer to come back and help and some commend me for a job well done. Someone mentioned that they had no idea how I managed, and surprisingly, I have no idea how I did either. Maybe because I took orders 3 at a time. When one was almost done, I added another ontop of it. It helps to be organized and have my plates all set up on the counter. To the same person, she said I moved very fast. I said I was shocked too because I was almost 7.5 months pregnant. She said it didn't show at all. Thank you black apron.
     After work, I hung out in the ER with a friend and her little girl. The tiny was sick, and turns out to be the flu or possibly strep throat. Thankfully it is a few days old. I was watching The Lion King in the pedi ER (alone, noone else was there to give me their germs). I realized how scary it was for little kids. I wonder if Scar scared me when I was little (I think he was my favourite, because I am twisted). I brought them drinks and snacks from my purse, and in return we went out for Chinese for dinner. My boyfriend gets a take out hamburger -  it's in the fridge.
      Speaking of my boyfriend, he was down with some sort of cold lastnight. Now, he seems to be better because I reminded him that we have echinacea. I picked him up some Vitamin C tablets today, just incase. It seems like the guy is always getting sick.

     I was going to go shower, but The Girl With Eight Limbs is on. It just started and is a documentary about a 2 year old in India who has 8 limbs. She was born during the festival of the Goddess akshimi, and of course looks like the goddess. She is praised as a Goddess...but according to modern medicine, she will need surgery to survive. "Its a wonderful piece of luck for a child to be born like this, and survive like this". In India, severely disabled children are killed.

If you're interested, here's a trailer

....must watch...and sew..

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