Thursday, October 18, 2012

22 Weeks

     22 weeks. Everything seems to be moving so fast. I still feel like I don't look pregnant. I have only gained about 6 pounds...but before that, early pregnancy, I lost 13 pounds.
     We don't really have anything set up for K yet, we still have about 3 months. Boyfriend has been busy planning a HUGE paintball event, so I've not pestered. We need to clear out half the spare room to set up the crib we will be getting etc.

     K isn't kicking more, but she's kicking stronger. She's still low, so it feels like my bladder is twitching. I've been getting night leg cramps, they're not fun. I am a stomach sleeper, so sleeping on one side or the other feels weird and stiff. I keep flipping and flopping every night. This past week, I have been feeling stiff all over, baths are my best friend.

     Next week is the big ol' 6 months! It feels like time is really going fast.

Blurbs From The Boyfriend
"I bet she really hates you every time you laugh. NOOO STOP JIGGLING HER"

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