Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wiggle room

      Last night I had a grilled cheese and garlic pickle sandwich for dinner, followed by a glass of milk.I felt a weird sensation in my lower belly.
Todays lunch was the same thing -because it's easier when making Thanksgiving treats. Same thing happened.
I have been pretty sure that I have been feeling K kick and wiggle for a while, despite what other people have been saying I should be feeling; and what I said was feeling was wrong.

     Talking to my coworker who just passed her 26th week, I described awhile ago what I was feeling as someone just lightly flicking me. She said that could be it. A 36 week woman at work said it couldn't be and I would know when I felt the flutters. Well, no flutters for me. Since May (apparently when I concieved) I have been noticing a giant pulse in my stomach that seems to take over. If there were any flutters, I had a feeling that they got lost.

      Being the curious kind of person I am, and wanting answers, I turned to Google. I am pleased to announce that I did infact feel her move, specially when my brain said she was moving.
It feels to me like a muscle twitch, like the feeling when your eye spasms ALOT.

Blurbs from the boyfriend
"What?! You mean she's not dead?! YAAAY"(always looking on the bright side of things)

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