Thursday, November 1, 2012

24 Weeks

     Earlier this week, my boss looked at me and said; "You're just like my puppy. Every time I look at you, you're growing". My boyfriend saw the picture and was like; "I can stick out my belly too", then proceded to show me. He's also noticed that in the pictures I am wearing his hoodies -  they're perfect for under my winter coat.

     I still don't really feel pregnant, until I feel her wiggle about. I am not quite sure what feeling "pregnant" is. My body had its aches and pains before, so what I have now just seems normal. I have always been a tiredish person - I compare myself to a cat. However; colostrum seems to be hurting my breasts - alot. I just feel like I am getting fat. I have always had an issue with my weight and stomach fat, so this feels weird. At least I can still fit in my clothes (even if my LaSenza L undies are getting kind of snug). I do know I have to walk slower now or I will have problems breathing, I discovered this walking home from work lastnight.
     When it comes to feeling pregnant, I feel bad for my co-worker. She's 29 weeks and quite large. She's going to have a long, large baby. She's having issues sleeping, always in pain, always in a grump. It makes me feel awkward since I am usually cheerful or at least normal. Even her work hours have been cut down to about 3 hours a day. This caused my boss to ask me when I would be done working. If I keep feeling normal, I would like to stay until the start of Feb, since Ks not due until mid Feb. My boyfriend agrees if I could at least do half the winter. Hopefully, come December 1st, I will be working on a different schedule and not getting home at 10pm.

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