Saturday, November 17, 2012

What Ifs Are Murder

     I feel like I am worrying needlessly yet most importantly about the one thing that makes the world go round; money!
      In about 2 weeks, the other girl at work leaves to go on maternity. Today, my boss hired someone to fill the gap. I could continue working 1:30pm to 8:30pm, but in this town, I don't get home until 10pm (and that's after a 30 minutes walk). I, of course, had the option to switch shifts or work starting at 10am. Even though I could possibly lose hours, I chose 10am start because it seemed safer externally and internally. I would no longer be walking in the dark in the oncoming winter and I wouldn't be on my feet all day, plus the 30 minutes walk home. It's usually on the bus ride half way home that I start to feel discomfort.
      Currently, the woman working the middle shift gets about 20 hours a week, I get 32.5. That's a loss of about $100 per pay. I am really hating the choices of safety over security. Now, if the bus ran later than every hour, I would be fine. Likewise could be said if we had a working vehicle (and my license/someone to drive me), reliable rides from my dad nightly, or even $35/week to spare on cabs.

          I had wanted to use cloth diapers to try to save money and have just recently started to accumulate them. So far, I have 2 AMP all in ones. I had it so it was one bought per pay. We'll see how well I budget them in now. I might have to switch to disposables. Well, I was planning on half and half anyway. I didn't fancy the idea of dirty diapers in my purse if I was out someplace.
I just feel overwhelmed and like any decision I make screws us over!
I wrote that at work. When I got home, I talked about my earlier start with the man, and he agrees safety over monetary security.
Blurbs from the Boyfriend
"I just thought you should know that the other night K kicked so hard I could feel it through your back. No wonder you woke up right after saying your back hurt, your kidneys were a trampoline"

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  1. Go with the cloth 100% seriously. It will be the best thing you'll ever do!