Thursday, November 15, 2012

Looking smaller, feeling larger

     Hello 26 weeks, and the end of second trimester. Looking at this picture compared to last weeks, I look smaller, but I feel larger. Rolling over in bed is getting more labourous and bending down has become a chore -mostly at work because things are kept low under the counter, so its constant bending. I've also noticed lower stomach achiness. It's not a bad feeling, it just feels awkward. After work lastnight, I decided to take a cab home after work instead of walking 30 mins.

     She's been kicking/punching more and more aggressive. I feel little pokes over on my left side now. I was in the bath the other day, and was just watching my belly earthquake. Afterwards, I was sitting on the floor and my boyfriend was on the chair behind me. I got him to watch, and he was like "I just saw it wiggle, is that it?". I laughed at him.

    I've had a dream that he was even pregnant, not so he can have the achiness that I have (aside from that, I've had no complaints, no moodiness, still sleeping good, no real PAIN), but so he can feel the movement from the inside. I've also been having dreams where he up and leaves. The only explaination in the dreams are "I can't do this" and then poof.

   It's Thursday. That means it's almost Friday and the weekend off! I've counted my estimated days left of work, because I don't know when I want my last day to be, and its about 56 days left. 104 days until Feb.20th, due date!

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