Thursday, January 3, 2013

A promise is a Promise

     I just spent about 28 minutes trying to upload the picture of my stash. I know how long because pizza was cooking in the oven. The uploader failed. I went and logged into my Flickr. Turns out I haven't used it in over a year. Now with blogging, I hope to change that...but everything seems to have an Instant Uploader. Anyway...
I have 24 diapers. The suggested amount, but when it comes to these kinds of things, the more the merrier. I have no idea what are good diapers and what are bad. Seems like most of the ones I have are all One Size Fits All due to the snaps and they take microfiber insterts. Definately going to have to get the man to deal with those after cleanings. I can't stand the feel of them "sticking" to me.

     Today was my doctors appointment at 3. Everything seemed fine. Her heart rate was 140bmp. The doctor/resident/whatever seemed shocked/pleased that I was experiencing Braxton Hick's already. "Its just your body getting ready...sooner than some". As long as it's not all the time and not super debilitating, I should be good. It's only off and on. I stop. Breathe. It goes away. Plus, K is head down.
My next appointement is in 2 weeks. I just hate how due to my work schedule it cuts into work hours. Thankfully, if no one lied to me, I already have all my EI hours. The resident/doctor that I saw today was super nice. It wasn't the one I was used to because rotation was over. I was dreading the man doctor/res I wasn't too fond of (simply because he never told me anything and dismissed my concerns). Instead, I got a cute female Asian. She told me what was going on, where she thought my baby's parts were, and what she was doing. She even offered to help me off the bed. I hope I see her again.

     After the appointment, I met up with a friend and we went to Michael's to pick up notebooks. The type I wanted was about $30. Yikes. I settled for 2 mini sketchpads for a total of $6. I came up with the idea of 365 Days Of Happy Things. Everyday (backdated to Jan 1st), write/draw down the one thing that's made you the happiest. Perhaps if/when money gets better I will get my black hardcover and transfer it all over. I am excited for this, even if I can't really draw well.

     A picture from my Flickr from June 15, 2011. One of my many garden manids. This was my first batch we ever tried. This was a few hours after they were born.

     And since I uploaded the babies from the season before last, here is a mantid from this Summer. Upclose and personal...


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