Thursday, January 24, 2013


     Only about 4 more weeks left, if on time. Cramps have started, as much as that sucks, it's a good thing. Her movements have been more squirmy than kicking. Some days she moves more than others. On the non-movement days when she's minimal, I get worried. I then feel the need to drug her up with Dr.Pepper, a warm bath, and sometimes a poke and a flashlight. I feel I have been good with the caffiene, so now it's just a stimulant to get her kick'n.

     Saturday afternoon is my baby shower. An update and pictures after that. I can't wait for the party to be over, so I can update with some of the gifts for people I made (they could be reading this).
 My poor cat, Tugger, has a cold. He's the last of the 3 to get sick. He's been a sleepy head and he sneezes funny - it sounds like a zipper. If he;s like the others, it will last a week and then be over and done with. Until then, I feel bad laughing whenever he sneezes.

     Yesterday it was -24*, felt like -35*. Brrr. I am creeping through my Flickr and am determined to pick up photography again.
Feast your eyes on some greenery, to get away from the cold.


      A badly lit picture of my new hair cut(and no, I don't like to smile -specially when tired) (better pics from the baby shower, etc). My boss at work did it. It's back to my natural colour, with no damaged ombre/bleachy residue on the bottom.
      While she was driving me home from her place, we had to stop off at the mall for the bank. She made a detour to shop and came back with a gift for me/baby K: a onesie with a pink cat on it, pink polka dot pants, a cat hat with ears, and socks to match..<3

     Time to start thinking about something for dinner, Jake is home from work around 10 and it's almost 8:30 now. Plus, I'd like to be in bed early-ish. Tomorrow, I am working 8 hours (definately longer than my 5.5hours that usually kick my butt) and then a trip to the grocery store. Hopefully afterwards, home to just melt into the couch with some kitties and some snacks (or probably an easy to cook dinner).


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