Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Appointment

     Today was my 36 week, 5 day appointment. I will always be seeing Resident Useless now. I still think I like the female residents so much better.
     My appointment was at 10am. I was in the room at 10:03am. I was seen at 10:30am. I was just sitting around, listening to the resident and the doctor talk to another woman about blood work needing to be done and how she needs to do pap tests. My appointment only took about 8 minutes, long enough for me to miss my bus to get to work when I wanted to. Heart rate was checked and was fine (RU doesn't give me numbers and turns the machine off quick). I was told about membrane sweeping at 38 weeks to help labour go along if I think I will be over due. My pains were dismissed a regular pregnancy pains (random cramping and feeling like I got boot f'd).  Weight: 212.9lbs. Up one pound.
      I then went to work and it was semi slow. I worked until 5pm and got home around 6. Just the thought/act of doing dishes made me cry. I took a bath and hoped that it would help my sore ankles, nope. Even the Dr.Pepper and Hershey bar didn't really help. I am looking up baking soda free pancake recipes for dinner. I so don't feel like cooking or even being productive. It doesn't help that its snowy/freezing rainy out.

     The baby shower was on Saturday. I got some nice clothes, books, bath supplies. I even got a cute Tinkerbelle onesie/costume. I even won a prize myself by collecting clothes pins for the word BABY. Not as many people showed up that said they would, but I knew that would happen anyway I will post pictures once I get them. One thing I didn't get were hats or a diaper bag. It's time for me to go to the mall. Thankfully, I have a $100 giftcard that I won for the mall and was saving it for things for K. I was looking into making her some hats too. I don't feel like crocheting them because I haven't found a pattern I like/don't have baby yarn (only have acrylic). I was looking at ones to sew, but the patterns online I don't really like either (and I don't have ink for my printer). I feel I could improvise, but I don't want them to be too small. I'll figure something out.

     I am due in about 3 weeks and am hoping to have a belly cast made. Yesterday, I picked up some plaster strips and my friend says she has some in her basement from when she did hers. She's going to come over and help me make a cast. It shall hang on the wall...but how would I like it painted...thats the conundrum.

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