Saturday, February 2, 2013

37 plus 3 days

     This picture was 37 weeks, and this blog is 37+3.
     One more week of work and the nursery/house is coming together. Jake and his friend did a dump run yesterday. The couch we've been using for plopping and dropping is gone. I got a rocking chair from my mom and I put it together. The crib is put together.The picture mirrors are near it and the mobile (sans batteries) is up. There is a desk in the room that is green and burgandy and has ducks all over it. It had stuff in the drawers, but they're now empty. I'm hoping we're keeping it as a "dresser" and I can get to paint it brown. Yes, brown! The crib is brown, the rocking chair is brown, and this way everything will match - and not look so ghetto poor. (She's a baby and wont notice, but I want her to still have nice things that are managable with our budget).
     Thursday I was at work and my phone rang while I wasn't around. It was the doctors. They didn't leave a message. This always freaks me out. I called them back and it was just a mix up with my appointments. They thought it was that day, but it was on Monday. Then again on the following Monday. Thankfully, this Monday I don't have to go to work afterwards. The freaking out about being late was no fun at all. Plus, my boss will be there with 2 new girls training, and the other woman that works there. There would be five of us in a tiny, I get the day off. The boys will be doing another dump run apparently, so I will help organize and stuff.

     In about 20 minutes, my dad is coming to get me and we will get my Christmas present from him. Clothes for K. Plus, I need to go pick up a gender neutral messenger bag for a diaper bag -something Jake can feel comfortable carrying around. I was going to look around and see about more "older" kid clothing. My coworkers baby is under a month old and is already out of 0-3mths clothing (and thats about all the onesies I have). Yes, every kid grows differently, but I don't want a naked baby in February.

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