Saturday, February 16, 2013


  First Photo
Kaelynn Anne Lawrence
Feb 14, 2013
7lbs, 4oz
Birth time: 10:23pm
Head circumfrence: 35cm
Length: 48cm
Apgar score at 1 min: 8
Apgar score at 5 mins: 9

     On Thursday, 2 days ago, I felt fine. I was doing housework and basically just chilling. I was even trying to crochet baby leggings, but they looked WAY too small and whoever wants a pair (Cris...) I would need leg measurements. At about 2pm, I started to get cramping. Unsure of what period cramps were, I texted my friends Cris and Mindy. Mindy was in the area and came over. We sat around, talking for a bit before she had to leave for an appointment. At that point and time, it just felt like cramps. Cris suggested that it was pre-labour and not to get too excited because it could last for weeks.
     As the day went on, they were getting crampier. I walked, sat, bounced and leaned on my yoga ball. I took a bath and drank lots of water. Nothing was helping. The cramps were getting more sharp. Mindy was home and I was texting her the whole time. It got to a point around 5ish that I was telling her when they started and when they ended. They were about 10 minutes apart. We kept talking and I kept bouncing. I was home alone with the cats until about 730-8 anyway. At 730, I made a pot of coffee for Jake and decided to run a bath. He comes through the door and looks at me like something is wrong. I say I am crampy and just getting into the tub, and that we probably will have to go to Labour and Delivery.I get in the tub, still texting Mindy, and hear Jake putting together the car seat.
The sharp pains at that point progessed from 10 minutes to about 2 minutes apart. They say that if it's a REAL contraction and to the point of labour, you should not be able to talk through it - I was. I also decided we should go to L&D anyway (even if we were going to be sent home). I got dressed, told Jake, and went pee. I felt/heard something POP! into the toilet. "Thats gross", I yell. Yep. Time to go. A cab is called.
     Bags are packed and put in the cab. My winter coat is not done up. The driver looks at me while the bags are put in the trunk. "Are you going into labour?" "Probably". Then he gets excited. "You  will have a Valentine's day story to tell". "Can I run in there and yell WE NEED AN AMBULANCE! STAT!?". Jake and them then begin to discuss the root of the word STAT. We enter and some doctor lets us through the emergency room doors.
     Once in L&D, I inform them that I think I am in labour. They give me a cup  to pee in and take Jake beind a curtain. I am unable to pee due to contractions. I go back behind the curtain and change into my gown. Inspection time. I am only 5cms and baby is breech, plus had a bowel movement inside (due to being breech). They give me 2 options: attempt to push or c-section. I chose the later because at 5cms, she could get her head stuck. Jake had called my mom and she had shown up. I tell her what's up. They start to move me about 15-20mins later and mom gets prepped in scrubs, (Jake's not really a fan of hospitals and I accept that - every girl needs their mommy too). I get checked again. Looks like I am fully dilated and my body wanted to push anyway.
     I am moved into a delivery room near by the operating room, incase something happens. There seems to be no time to dress a new bed. I am ready to go on the bed from my first examinations. After some screaming my lungs out because I had no idea what I was doing. Finally, after about 20 minutes and no meds, we had a baby girl. Mindy showed up to help keep me amused, and because Jake told her I was getting a c-section and she personally knows they are not for everyone. All in all, mom, dad, Jake and Mindy were the first people to see her.
     It wasn't all sunshine and lollipops. Jake didn't realize how much blood there would be, but he managed to cut the cord. I kept yelling at my mom- she had her hands on my head and I was focusing on that. When she removed them, it hurt. When they say push past the burning, it BURNS. It was worth it - even when my private room only lasted one night. More of the past 2 days to come later.

About 15 mins or so after labour, when Mindy arrived

Blurbs From The Boyfriend:
"I didn't think there would be that much blood. I never want to see that much again"
"I know I don't smoke, but I want a cigarette"

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