Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Doctor's Visit

     Lasr night sucked.

     Kaelynn was crying & fussing. Jake got annoyed so he put her to bed.She was still crying. I went in to try to soothe her. She was fussy for about an hour. I burped, changed, fed, rocked her. I told Jake to go to bed since he worked at 7am. I felt frustrated & started to cry. Around 1:20, I went to put her to bed, since she was passed out across my lap, tired from being latched on for about 2 hours (nursing & soothing). I went to bed, but it only lasted 20 mins. Back to the livingroom. Repeat what I did earlier & latched on again for 2 hours. More crying involved. We both ended up just sleeping in the chair.

     This morning, she had a weigh in. She's not gaining. She's 6.7 lbs from 7.4lbs (or 7.6, depending on which KGH forms used). We were told to supplement 15-20ml each feeding. We could do formula or breast milk. I was given hosing that goes into a bottle to try it that way, it just sneaks into her mouth when she's on the boob. I was also prescribed medication to help with milk production. Apparently, with my hormones, that's what could be hindering me. With supplementing with breast milk, I don't think I even produce that much in a day. She was weighed before & after a feed. When she eats, she gets at least 1oz in her, but thats not enough. We'll do that until Sat and on Monday she goes back to the doctors.
     The doctors also looked at her rash & they think it could be a yeast. I was told to keep using a barrier on it and to make her meds from the ER last for 7 days instead of 10.

     I managed to get photocopies of forms for her Universal Child Benefit & mail things away. I went to Shoppers to get a new botte to use for her supplementing (so I can mark it & damage the nipple to hold the hose). I was going to go to Camera Kingston and print things out, I forgot. I was going to go to City Hall and pick up garbage tags for tonight, I forgot. I did get to the bank to deposit a cheque and the grocery store.  That was an adventure. I was pushing Kaelynn in the stroller and pulling my shopping cart, trying to maneuver around the corners.  I managed to get a whole cart for under $150. This makes me glad since I am still waiting on EI information.

My little T-Rex is curled into a ball on my chest, asleep. It's time to move her to her chair so I can grab some fruit salad & water. I am also cold and need a sweater. Damn you snow storm.

I feel like a bad mom & keep crying now.

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