Thursday, February 21, 2013

Something smells funny

     She slept in her crib! For the past 2 days, we've been testing her out in the crib. It was 20 mins at first, then 45, then practically all night! I am happy dancing. I am also do grateful that Jake's mom got us a Moses Basket. It's being shipped, but I can see that making life easier. I am trying some sort of sleep routine. In bed at 8pm, up at 7am. I am hoping that even though she is too young to understand routine, it helps (even if it doesn't really make sense to me because she sleeps alot). She's currently on me for some skin time.

     Lately, I've been getting cold chills. Not just normal chills, I've had goosebumps, shivers and chattering teeth. It sucks. I've read that it's hormones.
     The cats are still being good. Sleeping through her crying & sometimes even coming over, concerned. They sniff her head & feet & stay out of the crib. Maybe they think she's a bald, funny smelling cat?

     I called TeleHealth Tuesday night to ask a nurse about Kaelynn not really pooping or peeing as much as she should. She suggested feeding her every 1.5-2 hours and to take her to the doctors on Wednesday morning. Done!
     The next morning, I gave her to dad to snuggle in bed while I peed. Next thing I know, Jake is telling me she pooped. And boy did she ever. The look on Jake's face over her poo explosion made me laugh so hard. He said I was in charge of that while he went to run her bath. She had a scheduled doctors appointment on Thursday afternoon, so no doctors on Wednesday since she pooped.
     Wednesday afternoon, she was left alone with Jake while Cezar, her girl, and I did errands. Walmart, hunting down a game for Jake, and groceries.  I found out FreshCo has a healthy baby program- hello free monthly prenatals. In that time (3hrs), Kaelynn drank 2oz of pumped milk.
     I don't think my milk has really come in yet. I try to pump and get maybe 1oz, sometimes less, from both sides. I am worried she's not getting enough food. I keep trying to pump & forcing boob upon her. However; lastnight I gave in & she had a bottle of formula because even tho she was hungry, she wouldn't eat. A few hours later, it came back up. I cleaned her up, but she still smelled like she was partying. Jake picked her up & wanted to snuggle- until he smelled her & gave her back to me. I figured I would be the squirmiest one, guess I was wrong.
Feeding her this morning made me happy. Instead of lots of 5min feeds, she ate for roughly 20mins and then a 5minute feed at the end. Something inside me told me to play Great Big Sea. She kept her latch and kept sucking. I am not sure if it was a fluke, or if she likes GBS. We'll try later.

     Like I said before, today is her first doctors appointment. Update later.

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  1. I had those chills/chattering teeth as well - it's the hormones and the breastfeeding. Just keep your upper body warm.
    As for the milk, keep pumping...mine never came in that's why I had to stop but I heard you just have to keep trying. Try fenugreek and there's something called "milkmaid" tea (I wish you lived closer, I have a few extra boxes) also try applying warm compresses. If you feel she's not getting enough, do supplement with formula...Nicholas got dehydrated and I'm so happy I supplemented, and it helps while your milk comes in.
    If you need anything, please message me!