Thursday, February 14, 2013

7(39 weeks) and 6

     My due date in theory is just around the corner, so how about a naked belly picture?
Today it's a two for one blog. Yesterday was semi busy and I just didn't get around to it.

     My day started off with breakfast and dishes. Exciting, I know. A friend and her little girl came over to visit for lunch. I was dropped off at my moms house where I visited for a bit. I brought my brother his belated bday scarf and make him a cheesecake.
Afterwards, I came home and finished washing the clothes that were donated to us. Then, was dinner and watching crappy TV before bed.
     It doesn't seem like alot, but between pleasant visiting and waiting for the washer/dryer

6 Valentine's Day
     Today has been interesting. I folded and put away the baby clothes. Good thing she has lots, but the problem is space. They're all nice and sealed in the bedroom closet. I did dishes and laundry. It was/is also the first day of contractions.
     I've not really felt anything strong, but today was like someone just kicked me down the stairs and stomped on my back. When people compare them to period cramps, I have nothing to really base them against because I usually never got them. It feels like everything in my front is all twisted and my back feels like when you have to take a large BM. I am peeing so much. I've had them since about 230 and now its almost 630.  I am still able to walk and breathe and talk, which is a good thing - meaning not REAL labour yet.
     I even tried to take a bath, but Bandit would have none of it. She kept walking along the edge of the tub and fell back legs in. She ran away.  Came back and repeat. When she came back again, she was rubbing her tail against me and pawing for attention, yet freaked out when I went to pick her up. I was never scared of her totally freaking out and scratching me. She's now sitting on my yoga ball while I write this from the chair. She loves me. I have spent the majority of the afternoon walking and bouncing trying to find some relief. At least lil K is kicking harder. I can imagine her screaming "let me out", well, if babies could scream in words.
     The Raynaud's in my right arm has been acting up today too. I have no idea how to describe it. It feels like when you smack your limb off something and twist your elbow and wrist. Basically, this whole day has made me want to float in a warm ocean.

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