Monday, February 11, 2013

9 days

     I am sitting here drinking some coconut water with icecubes and I feel like I've never drank anything so delicious. I have decided that I am going to post once a day until she shows up - since I now don't have work.
     This morning was a doctor's appointment. I am still 214 lbs. Yay.Here I was expecting to gain about 2 more pounds. The resident confirmed that she's not dropped yet, but her heart beat is good. I had my first membrane sweep and I am 3cm dilated.
"If she doesn't come in the next 9 days, it should be very simple to get things started. It seems favourable."
     My next doctors appointment was scheduled for this Thursday, but it was decided that was just too close together. So, my next one is now the 21st, the day after I should deliver.
     Afterwards, I went to the library and picked up 2 books while waiting for my mom. We hopped a bus and went to see about filing for maternity EI. I figured if I went in person, I would actually talk to a person. Nope. It's basically still sitting at a computer. I could have done that at home with my mom helping me anyway. Now, onto the waiting period. Waiting for my letter to see if I get it/ the 2 week waiting period.
     We left and went to the Dollarama so I could see if they had a smallish garbage can with a lid. No go. I hate how they used to have things and it gets switched around all the time. I was also looking for a mesh storage hanger thing to hold diapers (I have an old one holding diapers, and picked up a canvas tote. I still feel like there is no room for the inserts). Friday, is Jake's day off and apparently they are doing one last dump run, so I was thinking of sending him to Wal-Mart or CanTire to get something suitable. Next stop, Food Basics to see if they had any Aloe Juice. The food gods were with me, they had one lone bottle, and on sale. MINE! I also got Jake 4 Monsters for cheap.
     We bussed back downtown and went out for a cheap lunch. We parted ways and I went to the other Food Basics downtown. I picked up icecream and cinnamon rolls. Yum yum!
     Since I've been home, I've putter cleaned the livingroom, did some dishes, and "made" a coat rack. We had a spare piece of 2x4 and I had 6 hooks. I nailed a piece of camo fabric around the wood and hammered the nails in place. Voila: coat rack. I am watching Fringe on Netflix and am going to paint my belly cast white.
     More adventures tomorrow!
Blurbs from the boyfriend:
"Have you put a plastic sheet or towel on the bed yet incase your water breaks?"
"Then, you're buying a whole new mattress. I don't care what you think..that stuff is NOT water"

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