Saturday, February 23, 2013


     Just how I wanted to spend my the children's outpatient clinic. Jake & I spent almost 5 hours there.

     When Jake got up,he noticed Kaelynn's eyes were yellower. I called the nurse from my doctors office and we waited.We waited an hour & then decided to head out to the clinic. Just as we were getting ready, the hone rang: the nurse suggested going in.
     We get there & register. There's no room in the waiting room, so the triage nurse told us to wait in the hall. We find a seat on the floor right outside.Many people walk by. A security guard walks by & questions us. He tells us to go to the seating area at the front of the hospital. We get all settled and then he comes back and says there is now room for us in the waiting room. We go and sit. And wait.
     Typical waiting time both to be admitted and checked out. We find out she is mildly jaundice (duh), but that's also perfectly normal. The pediatrician also found out that she has a rash/infection in the creases of her leg folds by her groin. Nothing was there at her check up on Thursday - they went over her thoroughly. I have a feeling its because of her little breech legs reaching to her chest. When she's folded up, thats where her rash is. They took her blood to do some work on it to check her biliruben levels. I cried. She cried. We cried. Jake was out making phone calls. We then were told that we had to wait for the blood work to come back. We sat in an exam room, taking up space, for about 2 hours. Her levels were normal, we got a prescription for her somethingsomethingstaph (ie/bacteria infection) and were good to go.
     We picked up her antibiotics & they were cheaper than I thought -$25. The care for it is her meds 3 times a day, wash & air dry (currently she's on me diaperless) and Vaseline.

    Later, her aunt Sarah, 2nd cousin Katie, great aunt Coleen & grandpa John came over for a visit. It was past her bed time when everyone left, but after the day she had she was easy to put to bed.

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