Tuesday, February 5, 2013

38 Weeks (almost)

     Tomorrow is 38 weeks, so I thought I would post now since I had a doctors appointment yesterday. Weight: 214lbs. Everything went well, except I was 2 days too soon for a membrane sweep. I have a feeling I will go over and not deliver on February 20th because it feels like nothing has happened yet. She's not even engaged yet. Maybe she's like me and stubborn (which I think because she doesn't kick when others want to feel her). Everything else seems good. She's measuring to term and her heart beat is good. The one thing I am worried about is she will actually be a he. I know I need to trust my gut that said she was a she (and the ultrasound), but it's hard.

     On Sunday afternoon, Cezar, came over and helped me make a belly cast. I had to pick up some more plaster and re-enforce it yesterday in spots (since I had the day off). It needs to possibly be sanded and definately painted. I wish I had painting skills. I have no idea what I want to put on it. I saw some neat ideas on Pintrest. I really liked a zebra print one (she has so much zebra clothing) and there was one that was painted white and just had simple stenciled flowers on it. I want her name, date, weight, etc on it too, but nothing too flashy. I really disliked the casts that had everyone at the baby shower sign it or the information right in the centre.
     Saturday, I went out with my dad and he got me belated baby/Christmas presents. I had no idea what I wanted for Christmas, so we just went clothes shopping. I managed to snag a $30 diaper bag for $16. Excellent.
     When it comes to her movements, she's been mostly squirmy and hiccupy. Kicking, not so much due to lack of room. She's currently squirming as I write this...or it could be from my Dr. Pepper/yelling at the cats. I have found out she does not like loud noises (ie: if I drop dishes at work or Jake coughs/sneezes). There are random thumps and gurgles down below that I feel and have no idea what's going on. I just pretend she's belching like Barney Gumble. No more BHs, unless I no longer feel them and they happen at work when I'm up and running around. I feel some back contractions when I lay down and go to sleep, no matter what side I sleep on.
    I have only 3 more days of work, Friday. Then I plan to focus on organizing the house and her room. The crib is built, and the clothes she will be wearing the most are put in the dresser. Her knit clothes are put in the 3 tiered plastic drawers and her 12-18mth clothes are all put away in a clear storage bag. Her diapers/inserts need to be washed and in a home of some sorts and I need to pick up a container from the Dollarrama to hold her wetbag. The TV in the bedroom needs to be moved and the crib needs to be placed in our room (Yea, I gotta measure that). Is it bad I was thinking of putting the TV in the nursery (swapping it out with the crib), so I will have something to do? Even if I can watch the TV in the livingroom as I nurse etc?? We'll see, since Jake needs to do another dump run at some point. (And as I type this, him and Aaron come through the door with 2 boxes of yarn for me and start to head to the basement to organize and pitch/ditch. I locked all 3 cats up, after fighting with Vodka. Apparently, he knows if a cat goes in the bedroom and the door gets closed, he has to run).
     Tiffany put up pictures from the baby shower. I went through and picked some of my favourites from the baby shower, better than putting up all 80something.

     And since I now have 2 boxes of yarn in my livingroom and a bolt of camo fabric, time to go snoopy...and here I was wondering where I would get $100 to buy the yarn from one of his coworkers. (And I've spent almost an hour writting this rambling).

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