Sunday, February 17, 2013

In Recovery

     Kaelynn is awake after napping on & off tonight. Plus add in her usual 20min feedings and movie marathon with Daddy, it makes sense. Daddy is in bed, so I am blogging one handed & making faces at a furry head.


     My first night in recovery was good. I booked in for a private room, but was put in a semi. Hurray for surprises. I was alone in the room. She slept through the night, granted it was only about 3 hours since Jake left at about 3am & the nurses left me alone then.
     Friday morning I had visitors. Kortney came by with a kitty for Kaelynn. Next was Mindy. Jake's cousin, Corrine, stopped by on her way to class with a tea & a muffin. Cezar & Tesah stopped in with a fruit basket and a unicorn toy. And even tho Katie doesn't hold babies, she dropped in. Mom also came by before she had errands. She said she would be back on Saturday, I told her I would let her know if/when discharged. Jake came back.
     Jake was rough looking because he got no sleep. Him & his friend Aaron were up all night organizing things and getting stuff ready for the last dump run. He hunkered down in his chair and was attempting to stay awake. He even brought me a Big Mac. At the time I was eating my burger, my family doctor stopped in to check Kaelynn over. Everything looked good. Plus, everyone agreed that he looked like Mike Meyers. Everyone left & Jake started to eat some fruit.
Daddy and baby got in lots of cuddles.
     Earlier in the day, I got a roommate. She had a little boy, her 3rd. Her & her man spoke English & dome other language. When thru spoke English, I kind of eavesdropped (because I could). She was in at midnight & gave birth Friday at 9am. She had to have her water broken & be induced. Her baby was being formula fed & mine breast fed. Whenever a nurse asked her something, she has no idea of the answer.
     The morning was usual routine. Attempt to feed, waking a sleepy baby for feedings, dealing with everyone & their mother on how to breast feed (more later).
     At least that night the nurses took both babies away to give mom a rest. Kaelynn because she was fussy & not wanting to eat at meal time & other baby because mom was zonked.  They were back for feedings.

     I finally ate the muffin Corinne brought me. Kaelynn and I watched some Netflix and fed more. Jake came over around 10, and he had some sleep.
Earlier in the day, she had her hearing test & both ears passed.
The nurse came by & said she had paged my doctor to come around for discharge. Looks like we would be going home.
     Around noon, Dr. Green came by & looked her over again. Yes! We got to go home.
My dad came to get us & away we go! On the way to the lobby, everyone was like "Oooh a baby" "soooo cute".
     At home, everything was cleaned up. I gave baby to daddy so I could eat something & shower. I devoured my hospital chicken salad before my shower. Both seemed amazing. I also ate the crusts off some pizza (stuffed crust) and made tea. A great part/gross part was she pooped. She didn't at the hospital. I have never changed a diaper before-gross.
     She was sleeping & feeding during the day. Around 10, I had her all set for bed. She is unsure/hate her crib, so Jake offered to stay with her for a bit. They had a movie marathon (including FernGully). I woke up to feed her. We switched at 430am. Since then, she's fed, cried & wanted to be skin to skin.  At least she's sleeping on me now while I do this, drink water/eating & watch Fringe.

     As for the cats, thet fluctuate between indifferent, freaking out, curious, and acting just weird. None of them like the door closed. Kae's room is closed, but noone is in there so meh. The bedroom door is closed and they scratch and cry. Since 4:30 when I got up, Vodka has been the weird one. He's been crying at the door (its now almost 8:30am, might let him in to snuggle Jake), under the sink, in the cupboards, hiding IN the pile of shopping bags and staring at me. Bandit & Tugger have been sleeping. I keep letting them watch me with her & smell her. So far, no bad reactions -score.
     Its almost feeding time again & I am tired of my water. I shall nuke some tea & get this almost naked, sleeping squeaker her first pair of socks (and let the cats snuggle Jake- I know I missed kitties & Jake when in KGH).

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