Tuesday, February 12, 2013

8 days

     I am finally sitting down with some tea and my Bandit. Today has been pleasant and rough.

    Around 930am, I was picked up by Cris and her fiance (and their adorable 6mth boy). We went out for a belated baby shower thing. Drinks at Starbucks first. We sat around chatting and drinking. Then we went to Go Green Baby. I got to pick out my present. I hate doing that because I am never sure what I want or need. I am always "give me something and I will be happy". I picked out a Bummis prefold set. It came with 3 prefolds and one cover with flowers on it. These are my first prefolds, as my other diapers are All In Ones or Pockets. I came home around 1130. It wasn't long enough out, but I had to come home because I was expecting someone.

     Mike, a friend of Jake/his dad/and I, dropped off some baby clothes and stuff that he had. One huge diaper box, a medium sized bag, and a garbage bag full. They had a wide range of clothing sizes in them, as well as some crib sheets. For a little girl that is not born yet, she has A LOT of clothes. I have some of her older month clothes put away in a clear plastic storage bag, looks like I will have to get another one from the dollar store.

     After I was done sorting clothes and had my diapers in the wash, I decided to call OSAP. I was told to call in February, and since I applied for EI yesterday I figured I would call them now (incase she comes late). Apparently, I have to call again after I have the baby. However, say I have her in March. A payment would come out of my bank, and if I didn't have the money I would be screwed. I managed to get it so I would only pay the interest instead of the payment (I guess they want money). The downside of that is even though I HAVE to pay something, the money does not go towards the principal. Either way, come March I have to call them to tell them our household has increased while the money has decreased. They will figure it out then, and my account will also be put back to principal payment vs interest. I really dislike how the woman on the phone at first was like "you're already have a repayment plan". Yes, but some of us don't have money coming out of our ears.

     The good news is, I called my cellphone company to see how much longer I had on contract. Apparently, my phone and my moms phone are no longer on contract, so if I have to cancel to save money, I won't have to fork out a bajillion dollars to cancel. That made me happy. It even made me happy when the woman was like "do you want to talk to someone in customer service about cancelling?" and was totally understanding when I said I was just inquiring incase I needed to. I would have to give 30 days, like most things, but that will let me know how screwed/unscrewed I would be.

     Basically, after those phone calls, I felt like doing nothing. OSAP phone calls usually make me cry and feel like a major whiner. I know everyone has money issues, but I like to do everything myself. I like to feel independant. I also hate how now everything mixes in Jake's finances. It's my money vs his money vs our money. My money is my debts and when I want to buy something. His money is his debts and if he wants to buy something. Our money is the money I give him for rent/bills etc that balances out things WE need to live. It's complicated, but it has worked for us. There's never any fighting about "YOU BOUGHT WHAT?!"

     I feel like I should do something. Maybe fold laundry? Maybe restart my brothers belated birthday present? Probably restarting the present. I feel mildly crampy.
My diaper storage for 38 diapers and inserts at the top of the tent.
Blurbs From The Boyfriend
*At bed time*
"Hey! You in there. Stop having a party and going WHOOOWHOOOWHOO. Sleep!"
"That's what she's saying to you. Especially when you jiggle her all about, waking her up"


  1. You wrote about me!!
    Also, you have more than enough diaper fluff to 100% cloth from birth :) YAY!
    This excites me.
    You also have more fluff than I have, jerkface.

    1. :D
      Of course I'd write about you. You were part of my day <3.