Thursday, February 21, 2013

First Doctors Appointment

     Today Kaelynn had her first doctor's appointment. I suppose it went well. She's down about a pound (6.6lbs now)(They had some numbers 3.02, I assumed they were kgs and just converted them), but they said that's normal. She is also a tad yellow, but they didn't seem too concerned. We also met with the lactation coach that's at my doctors. She helped and got Kae to suckle from the side she doesn't much like. She also suggested a nipple shield, so I picked one up to try it out. We'll see. Pumping seems to be going well. As much as I don't think I am getting alot, they seemed fine with it: roughly .5-1oz. (My weight: 199lbs)

     I am thankful to Christine (Jake's mom) for our Moses Basket. I put her to bed around 8:30 and she's been in there about an hour. She was fussing after her PJs were put on, as soon as she was plopped in her basket, she was out. It's time to wake her in 20 mins anyway for her feeding before I go to bed too.

     Yesterday I was able to put my ring back on! HURRAY! I was s worried we would have to get it resized. Granted, just now I had to fight to get it off...but we're getting there.

     Anyway, enjoy this picture from the doctor's office.


    Seriously. It will cause nothing but supply issues, latch issues and nipple confusion.
    You also shouldn't pump until she is 6 weeks. If you really need to pump pump only after she has eaten from both sides. I also wouldn't introduce a bottle until she is at least 6 weeks.
    Breast feeding is hard. It is so worth it though.
    (yay for unsolicited advice)

  2. Also, pumping has no indication of the amount of milk you are making.