Tuesday, February 19, 2013

5 days old

     Hi there Miss Funny Face. How's life treating you?? It's hard being a baby in this big scary world.

     We're trying to get a schedule down for Kaelynn, started yesterday. For one, she hates her crib & likes to be held. Thankfully, yesterday she was in it for 45 mins. Then, it was BFing time & her bath. Even tho we used night time stuff, it should have been bath first then feeding. She did manage to stay in her crib about 2 hours, then was up with daddy.
     A schedule will help her routine, and help with the end of this week when Jake goes back to work. We've shared her during the day, Jake has had her at night (waking me up), and I've had her from about 430am to whenever Jake gets up.
     Lastnight was good for crib time, but not for pooping. She's peed alot & has been fussy. Her stomach isn't hard or anything...but if nothing happens tonight, someone will get a phone call.

     She's asleep, so I think I am going to stick her in her bouncy or on daddys lap. I have to clean up my area- I have papers & snacks scattered around. I even dealt with OSAP this morning, so we'll see what paperwork they send me now that the household has increased.


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