Monday, January 7, 2013

Feet on my feet

     Not too bad a job for 33 weeks pregnant,if I do say so myself. I decided it was time to change from red polish from my pedicure in November to something different. Challenging myself, I thought to try baby foot prints. The blue might not be super perfect, but it's winter and almost no one will see my feet (and it comes off my skin in the shower anyway)

     I was told that I am getting the fat face of pregnancy and am looking tired. I'd have to agree. Plus, my hair is going crazy!
     A friend of mine who is unable to go to my baby shower showed up yesterday to drop off presents. In with the lovely gifts, there was skin care stuff for me. Hello moisturizers and eye cream. The morning of my baby shower, my boss is coming over to cut and style my hair. She's also a hair stylist.

     Friday morning I had a freak out. I could not get my ring off. I dislike the feeling of being trapped, and I felt TRAPPED. I spent about 15 minutes rubbing lotion on my finger, trying to get it over my knuckle. Success..sadly, I am not going to put it back on. I fear that it would have to get cut off.

     Time to be useless and work on my baby blanket instead of doing dishes. I can do them tomorrow.

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