Wednesday, January 9, 2013

34 weeks

     34weeks and counting. 6 weeks left to go. 1 more month left of work.
     My work shirt is still able to button up, but just barely.
     I am working on a crocheted baby blanket, I've been off and on working on it. I was all gung-ho, and then I slowed down. I am now working on a viking hat and beard, to trade for maternity pictures next month.
     We're slowly getting the bedroom in order. We sold a desk. 2 desks to go. One is really old and needs to get broken down to go to the dump. Infact, we have a lot of things that need a dump run. Whoohoo. We're getting there, organized that is.
     Time to put laundry away and get to work on the then I can start on the embroidery! I am like an old timey woman! 

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