Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Warm Feet/Warm Heart

     As I write this, I am soaking my feet. Mmm warmth. Lately after work, my legs and feet have been hurting, but I think part of that is I need to buy insoles for my sneakers.My feet were also cold from the snow in my back yard. The front door keeps freezing, but thankfully the back door doesnt. Also thankfully, my neighbours truck wasn't in their spot because I knew I wouldn't have fit through into the alley. Bouncing through about 3 feet of snow, it was inevitable that snow would get in my boots. So, soaking and possibly filing the bottoms (if I can reach).
I was also out in the cold longer than normal today on the way home from work because I went to city hall to pick up a garbage tag. Not thinking, and using my pocket change, I could have picked up more. On the way back up the street, I stopped into Shoppers and picked up some baby bathtime supplies for cheap -4 bottles for $13. That also got my Optimum Points up to almost 48,000 points. I need 50K for $80 off (all of which I am planning to use for baby stuff)

     Friday at work, I am pretty sure I had a Braxton Hick's contraction. I had just returned from the bathroom and was prepping sandwiches in the corner. Suddenly, I felt a strong tightening in the front. It took my breath away and I had to stop what I was doing and change my standing position. Everything was ok after less than a minute, then it happened again. At least it was quick.

     At work today on my break, I made my appointment for the hospital tour. Jan. 13th at 130. Exccciting..

     Boo! It's been only about 15-20 minutes and my water feels cool again. Tomorrow is my doctors appointment. I suppose I could have waited to post, but I shall update tomorrow too. I will find my camera and take an updated picture of my diaper stash.

Blurbs from my boyfriend:
"K, by the way things are looking so far, you have more stuff than me".

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