Friday, June 14, 2013

4 Months old

     Today is Kaelynn's 4 month birthday. It seems crazy that time has gone SO fast.

     She is now 25 inches long, thats a 6 inch growth from birth. I have been using my house scale to weigh her & I estimate that she is about 12 lbs, we have a doctors appointment on Monday so we will get an accurate weight. She's got a big ol' milk belly.

     She is a little personality. She loves to stick out her tounge, smile and giggle. She has only full out belly laughed a few times. She is a rolling machine, until she gets frustrated and angry. Tummy time has become much smoother now. I trick her with Mirror Baby. She loves looking at herself.
     She's just started to become interested in her books and toys. I have a feeling she is going to be a lefty - she grabs everything with her left. When the books come out, she gets so excited- she wiggles her arms and squeeks.
     She has basically adopted Bandit, or is it the other way around. Whenever possible, Bandit likes to jump on my lap and be around us. Her feeling neglected has turned out well, because she's become used to Kaelynn. She's the kitty that comes the closest. The other day, Bandit was crossing my lap and Kaelynn reached out and huggrabbed her tail. Yesterday,she was sitting on Jake's lap and Kaelynn was petting her/pulling fur. Even when Bandit got punched in the face, she took it.
    Wednesday, Daddy and I took her to the Y to go swimming. We showed up early for the Parents  Tots because I can't read the internet. We swam with the bigger kids and than swam with the babies. We spent about an hour in the water before she started to get fussy. She was out like a light afterwards.

     She's not sitting up, but she loves to attempt to stand. She can sometimes sit for about a second, but then falls or gets distracted. I am thinking her Torticollis head tilt isn't helping any either.We're working to improve it. The exercising seems to be helping.

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