Tuesday, June 18, 2013

4 month doctors visit

     Yesterday was Kaelynn's 4 month check up/shots. In 2 months, I think she has gained a lot.
At 2 months she was 8.95lbs (4.06kg)/21.5in (54.5cm) and yesterday she was 11.81lbs (5.36kg)/23in(60cm). She took her oral medicine no problem and was a happy go lucky baby this time around. No banshee screams until her needles, which she took like a champ.
     She has diaper rash, but it's clearing up and the doctor said that it's not as bad as it could be (I know this because I Google Imaged it). We also think that she could have seasonal allergies like her daddy. She claws at her face on high pollen days, so we were told to give her saline tear drops (the red eye drops are the vaso-constrictors) - easier said than done.
     By the time her appointment was over, she was not impressed. I hit her up with a shot of Camilla to try to help. We had other places to go.

      After making a quick stop to Canadian Tire to pick up English instructions for our Baby Bullet (they were just going to photocopy the whole book, thankfully the guy just  gave it to me or I would have flipped), we went to Montana's for a day late Father's day with my dad. From there it was picture time!
     We went to get her Milestone's picture done at Sears. The lovely Tiffany provided Kaelynn with a new outfit for her pictures. Above are some of the outtakes I took a picture of. She only had one mini melt down. The picture I chose is most adorable, I can't wait to get it in a few weeks.

     This past Sunday was Jake's first Father's day. He got the whole day to do what he wanted -play Xbox and play with baby. I made him French toast dumplings for breakfast and then we had lasagna for dinner. After dinner, we took a walk downtown for some sort of dessert. We chose to go to McCafe for their new frappe drinks. The Vanilla Chai one is amazing.

      Today I have an angry girl. Grunting, crying when put down, fingers jammed in her mouth. The only thing to stop her is boobs, but she can't be latched on all day Feeling her head, she feels kind of warm, probably from her shots - cool bath time & snuggles- then Mama needs to clean, laundry, get the diaper bag ready for swim tomorrow.

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