Thursday, November 14, 2013

9 Months

   9 Months in
9 Months out

     Nine months have passed already and so much has happened. Through the stress of tantrums, teething, growth spurts, and moving, I love you so much.

    Next Thursday, she has her 9 month appointment and ultrasound, so measurements then.
Everyday, we're getting closer to walking. Her favourite thing at the moment is to try to free stand and walk around the furniture. I even had to go to LOWES and buy pipe insulation to wrap around the coffee table, just need to get tape since she keeps ripping it off and waving it around.
     She is loving all types of food, basically we are off purees. She is eating bits of our dinner, or if it's inappropriate for a  baby I make her something special. When it comes to snack time, she loves to share: a bite for her, a bite for me (this actually applies to anything as she just tried to stick a fake icecube in my mouth). 
    Her favourite activity, aside from walking, is blowing raspberries. The more the spittle, the better the raspberry. She loves if you blow them back to her too. She has a quirky tongue too - it goes sideways. 
      Her hair is growing and growing. More than not, it's "styled" in a unihorn. It's long in front and long in back, but putting it in a big girl ponytail, it falls out. 

     We are working on separation anxiety. She freaks out if I am not around or in eye-shot. If I happen to not be around, she is fine..but if I come into the room, she freaks out. We had a date night at the movies and my mom watched her. She freaked out for an hour, napped, and freaked out again.  I fed her before we left and left snacks with my mom. She devoured them, and still wanted more. In 3 hours, she needed all the snacks. I've heard S.A lasts about 2 months, I am hoping this is true. Sometimes, I feel like I am losing my mind. Even if I love her so. 
     To semi deal with the S.A (and all  the stairs in the new house), I purchased an Ergo carrier. All the babies shall be worn, plus it puts her to sleep when I'm doing chores.


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