Saturday, September 29, 2012

19 weeks

I am going to attempt to take all my pictures in the same tank top. Good thing I have a whole bunch of them from Esthetics schooling. Looks like I am starting to show.
I have never been the skinniest person, as the following picture from Hallowe'en last year shows....but I just feel like I am getting fat. My stomach isn't huge, but I keep hitting it with doors, oh my.
I'm not sure if I have felt any movements as I have a permanent pulse going on.
    While out today at the mall with my brother, I spent money I shouldn't have....on something that I won't be able to use for months. I just fell in love with the outfit and bibs. We left the store and I had to turn around and get it.

However, due to being out all morning, I now have chores and stuff I should be accomplishing.
Dishes, shower, tidying, catlove and crocheting.

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