Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pink Carnations and a pick up truck

Today was my anatomy ultrasound. Like usual, I drank too much water. You think I would know better by 18 weeks and 6 days.
There were scans of all the organs and limbs. Everything is intact. Heart beat was 142bpm.
When she mentioned she was doing the scans, I was like "...and gendddddderr?"  It all depended on positioning. Legs were crossed.
After being given my cup to go empty some of my bladder, she continued the scans. To get the pictures of the heart, baby was in the wrong position. The tech kept poking me in the belly, trying to nudge. Eventually she got it.
More time passed and I was allowed to fully empty my bladder. I poked my belly and told it to behave! She tried to find the gender..and success.

It's a girl and her weight is 9 ounces.
I was out with a friend and we stopped into Wal-Mart. I wanted to get something for my boyfriend to tell him while he was at work, without me actually telling him. I was thinking a ITS A GIRL balloon, but then he would have to take it on the bus. We looked for a pink cupcake, but none were to be had. I got him a bunch of pink carnations and a "baby girl" card. I wrote on the envelope, GUESS WHAT! and left it at the information desk with his name on it. That seems classier to travel with on the bus....and hopefully he gives me back the flowers!

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