Tuesday, September 18, 2012


...now what?

So, you took the test. Freaked out a bit. Might have uttered a swear or two at your friend that was with you. Took another test. The proof is in the Positive. You're going to have a baby. Wait, that can't be right. Wait until the doctor says so. The doctor said you're going to have a baby. If this paragraph feels speed up and smooshed together, thats how your brain is probably feeling. That's what mine was like.

I found out when I was 5 weeks pregnant, and still feel in shock at 18 weeks. It doesn't seem real.
Now, to tell the SO. He was away at a paintball tournament when I found out. We had talked about kid(s) for when we have everything in order. After being minimally employed and just graduating college, I didn't think "everything was in order". How did I do it? I made him a steak dinner for when he came home, and had a bubble bath waiting for when he walked through the door. Then came the typical, "do you love me?" "how much?" "will you leave me?" questions..and then the truth of the matter (with tears). Everything turned out okay.

In the first weeks after I found out, I had morning sickness about every other day. It was fun and exciting, if it wasn't nausea, it was actual vomiting. It got better, it moved to about once a week as I passed the 10 week mark. Now,at 18 weeks, I randomly get nausea (mostly if I smell something that is quite unpleasant or ride the bus for too long).

So far, only people that I trust and love know. I didn't want to say anything before the 14th week, incase something happened. (knock on wood) Now, people still do not know, even though I am starting to show. In a week, I am going to tell everyone the news, of course on Facebook. Why in a week? I hope that in my 19th week ultrasound, we will be able to find out the gender. If not...noone will know.

Everything that has happened has been uneventful. Feeling tired, growing pains, nausea, larger breasts, weaning off caffiene. Everything from now on will be documented, as a way to share.

For now, I am the mother of three cats and copious houseplants. Common law wife to my boyfriend of almost eight years. Full time cafeteria lady. Esthetician when called for.
Expectant Mother.

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