Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wait weight

     I stepped on the scale a few days ago and was very disappointed. It said I was 200 lbs. That's really nothing to me, since these past years I have been 180-200lbs. In my first months of pregnancy, I was 180ish lbs. Now I am up again to what I was. I severly dislike it. I am exclusively breast feeding, when people say you lose weight quickly, nothing is happening.
   I aim to walk everywhere that is manageable. This past week, we have been out and about walking downtown, even if it's just to get out (mostly because I've been forgetting things I need to pick up). To get downtown from my house, there are 3 ways. 2 ways you're on flat level and the 3rd, you go up hill. Even though flat level is easiest, I force myself to go up hill. I am developing serious stroller arm muscles. When it's warmer out, and she's a little bigger, I will babywear her (yay "weight training").
     .....If I  could just lose the 20lbs again.

     Kaelynn is going to her first physio appointment tomorrow, so there will be an update on that. Her ultrasound is moved from May 14 to May 8th. It's bumped up but not by much.

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