Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Weekend

     This past weekend was Kaelynn's first Easter.

     Friday, Jake had the day off. Jake's mom, her husband, and his sister came over in the afternoon and visited with us for a bit. It was Jake's mom & her husband's first time meeting the baby. She was loved, of course. Around 330, we went to Jake's dads house for Easter dinner. Kaelynn got to meet the dogs too. 

     Jake worked Saturday morning, but in the late afternoon, we were picked up and went to get him from work. We were on our way to Jake's aunts house for Easter dinner. We got to see everyone from his side, basically. I even made her a cute tutu as an Easter outfit. The whole night I was basically baby-less. Every time she would chirp or scream, I twitched- even though I knew she was in good hands. It was good for her to socialize with other people and to get used to being held by others.
     That morning, Kaelynn and I made devilled eggs for the first time ever. We even did the dyed eggs that I found on Pintrest. They turned out delicious. For the yolks, I had mayo, dijon, hot sauce, salt/pepper, and some dill. I topped with paprika. YumYum! I might have to use the same seasoning when I make egg salad sandwiches.

    Sunday, Jake and I just chilled around the house. Kaelynn and I even took a nap. It was very uneventful and lovely.

     Jake went to work and in the afternoon, Kaelynn and I went shopping with Jake's family. We went to Wal-Mart and Toys R Us with his sister, mom and her husband. It was fun. We had his sister over for dinner, she had to wait around town for a bus back to her city anyway.

     Yesterday, Kaelynn got to meet her uncle Eric and his girlfriend. We went over to mom's house and visited for a bit. I was afraid that my brother would be super awkward around a baby, nope. I gave her to him to hold while getting ready and he was fine. After, mom and I went back to Toys R Us, because I am a moron. I was looking for a new breastshield for my pump and thought they didn't have them. Turns out, they did. We had time to spare and had to walk back to the mall anyway to get a bus home. I picked up 2 pairs of sunglasses and then we were on our way home.
     The bus ride home was alright until we hit downtown. Apparently, my stroller was on someones wheelchair side. He likes to have a certain side. The woman was like "Someone is on HIS SIDE". I was like "I can move..." so I did. She didn't have to be rude. Then, while waiting around, the driver informed me that someone with a walker was coming on and I had to figure out how to fold up the stroller. Stroller folded, diaper bag full of the small things I bought, baby in her carseat on a seat and me holding her still, stroller base held in place by my feet. Success? The older woman with the walker could also have folded it up, but instead chose to keep it open and stand beside it. She could have sat beside me with it folded, which would have been easier and make more sense. Or at least to me it made more sense.

     Today, I emergency bathed the baby and now she's sleeping on the floor. We're doing okay with sleep training. She will cry for about 20-30 mins and then sleep for about 2 hours. Then I take her to the livingroom to feed her (where I usually fall asleep) and if I wake in time, I attempt to put her back in her bassinet. We're getting there. Jake doesn't want a toddler sleeping in the bed with us all the time.
     I was also going to start planting the seeds I started in burritos, but the potting soil I have in the house has dried out. Also, I put one tomato seedling in the egg carton and I think the root is too long. Oops.
    We're going onto lunch time. I am going to move the baby from the floor (failed tummy time) to her bed, and in 30 mins she eats. So, I can eat in between. I also have to transfer and delete pics from my ipod. I'm running out of space. I wish they had space for a memory card.

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