Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Going for Walkies

     Yesterday, I attempted to cloth diaper Kaelynn. Fail. It was an attempt anyway. I was posting my attempts on Facebook, and some lovely friends helped me. I even went for coffee and Cris showed me how to use the Kawaii diapers (the majority of what I have). We then went for a walk up to Go Green Baby so she could pick up a super hero diaper for her child's Easter present. She then flaunted the pictures of my attempts. I am man enough to know when I need help. Today, she is all cloth to see how she likes it. So far, we've had a poosplosion, but no leaks- she just needed a bath.
     Today, she is wearing her cow print AMP diapers, after Cris told me how to use all the snaps on the front.
     After Go Green Baby, we went to the Dollar Store & huzzah! I walked away without buying anything. However, I did go into The Rocking Horse and found out that the toy store had Piggy Paint. I picked up a light pink, so it would be less noticable. I did her toes today & you cant even tell she has polish on *sad*. My dad then got me and we went to Canadian Tire for ant killing stuff (stupid bugs in my bathroom) and then Play & Learn so I could see if they had a specific Easter present for a friend of mine's daughter. They did! Huzzah! We went to the Tim Hortons by Jake's work and I told him to come over & we could give him a ride home.

     Easter is this weekend and I wanted to get Kaelynn something for Easter, but then I remembered she is a baby and wouldn't even notice -her nailpolish can count as her present. I did however make her a tutu to wear to Easter dinner in Harrowsmith with Jake's family.
     This afternoon we went on another adventure so she could meet her in utero friend Finn. We went for a walk to the dog park to meet up with my old co-worker and her son (about a month ahead of Kaelynn). We sat talking (in some hail) while her dog ran around like a psycho. Due to it being coldish outside, we walked to Tim Hortons and took the babes out of their stroller seats. It was time to say good bye just in time for the bus to take us home. I was going to ride the bus the whole way home, but instead got off downtown and decided to walk. When I was less than a block away from my house, I saw the bus pass me. I would have been no farther ahead & this way I got some extra exercise. C'mon baby weight, I need you off me...even if now it's just Annie weight (since I am thr same size/shape pre pregnancy, but it would be nice to be skinny for once).

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