Saturday, March 23, 2013


     Yesterday I babysat a friends 3 year old boy. It was an adventure, specifically when little one didn't want to be out down. Thankfully, apart from me telling him not to touch things or chase the cats, he was able to keep himself amused. However, how he did it I was not impressed, but it's what he does all the time. He was playing with my vacuum attachments & pretending they were weapons. It was an ok day until his mom came, then he started to act out more.
After that, I came to some realizations.
           1-I have lots of respect for parents of toddlers/children/babies all at once
           2-I have a very child friendly house, in a bad sense
           3-I do NOT want a boy child ( in truth I never did)

     When I am watching tv/movies that have pregnant women, I miss certain aspects of pregnancy. I miss feeling her kick and turn, hearing her heartbeat, and seeing her grow in ultrasounds. Yet, those are the same things she can do in person- she's currently on me rolling in her sleep with my free hand on her chest. I can see she is growing because her 0-3mth clothing is fitting better. It's weird.
I also feel conflicting emotions already. I am fine with having one baby (financially and emotionally) and don't want to risk getting a boy), but I also love the closeness I have with my little brother (28 months apart).



  1. Boy babies aren't so bad, I should know. I have three!

  2. Hey I have a boy and he's the best behaved kid ever :P

    1. I also have no idea how to handle boys