Monday, March 11, 2013

Weight gain

     We just got back from her weekly doctors appointment. She's up. She is now 3.31kg or 7.3lbs. She's almost big enough for her cloth diapers. I tried them on her & they're WAY too huge. I also have a feeling that she knows when she has a doctors appointment because the night before she is fussier than normal. We basically just made it to the appointment because I dozed off. It didn't really matter. We were seen at 1030 and the appointment was for 10.
     We saw the lactation counsellor and she asked me about my supplementing. In her paperwork she gave me she said I could do 15-20ml of breast milk or formula at each feeding through the Supplemented Nursing System (feeding tube). I chose to do breast milk instead of formula. Today she commented that she didn't consider breastmilk to be supplementing, just a top up - "but if it works for you, like it has been.". She also asked about the pumping. "Do you feed and then supplement and then pump?". From my understanding, since she gave me an SNS, I was supposed to feed and use the SNS and then pump - which I have been doing. I put what I pump in the fridge to use at the next feeding. I've also been letting her sit on the boob for however long she wants. She's eating, peeing and pooping about every hour, so thats good. And she's no longer jaundice.
     She also has a swollen lymph node on the one side of her neck. *sad* It's going to be looked at on Monday. Basically, we have to keep an eye on it. It could be allergies, hormones, or like if a bug bit her.
     Having a baby is hard.
     Saturday morning was lovely. I had just fed her and she got the hiccups. Nothing unusual there. I was looking at her and she then proceeded to puke right in my face. Gross. I was in shock, so I just wiped it off and sat her upright. Then, like a puke fountain, it just spewed from her, onto the blanket I put under her. Not too bad. She's almost a month old and this is her first real puking (she's had some spit up before). I'm now scared whenever she gets hiccups -after almost every feed. I picked up gripe water and Ovol for her. I have no idea what I am doing as a mom.
     She's currently in her vibrating bouncy chair, if I turn it off she SCREAMS. I'm going to make lunch and possibly work on her leg warmers. She's getting solid pink ones.

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