Monday, March 18, 2013

No more weekly weigh ins

     Kaelynn had her weekly weigh in today and is up. She is 3.43 KG, which is almost 7.6LBS (according to my converter). They didn't say anything about her coming back next Monday and that her weight is on a good incline! I didn't even supplement at all last week to see what the difference would be. I suppose I still can to help boost her, but even now she's getting enough. She's alert, active, eats fine, enough diapers (however today has seriously been poosplosion day), I think she's more than fine. She is currently hiccuping her little heart out on my lap, while I soak my super rough feet.
     The one thing that stood out from her appointment was the thing on her neck. The doctor didn't think it was a swollen lymph node, but was unsure. It could be a cluster of salvatory cells that din't form or something else. They are scheduling her for an ultrasound and will see where to go from there. Once again, she is eating, alert, etc, so they're not too concerned -just have to keep an eye on it. Yes, I am worried, but she still seems like a normal, healthy baby girl.
     Afterwards, we met up with mom for lunch & the Dollarstore. I picked up Easter cards to go out. They will be late, but people will know I was thinking about them.There was just enough time to go to Mother's Circle & meet up with Cris ((shameless blog plug for her)) (and other moms I don't know). I am going back next Monday so I can see whar it is fully about, I was there 30 mins before the end. When it was all done, Cris and I went to Starbucks with another mom and just sat drinking and chatting. Their babies were out of their strollers, but they're also older than mine by a bit. Kaelynn just stayed asleep.
     Jake is almost home from work & has tomorrow off. I am debating on what I would like to do. Re-make her some baby leg warmers (the others were much too small), fix the baby sling I was making for Jake (too short), or bring out stuff to start on my belly cast (at least that can't be too small or short). I just know I have to file my feet & lotion up all my abnomally dryskin spots.

Blurbs from the Boyfriend
"Remember the deal? She could come home if you cleaned up all the gross messes"
(Uh...she's not a puppy)

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