Friday, March 15, 2013

March 14, 2013

     March 14th is Jake/Daddy's birthday. It also happens to be the day Kaelynn turned one month old. Good job on keeping her alive & happy!
     We woke up & made a birthda cake & banana pancakes for breakfast. We then left Jake alone to play xbox for a few hours while I went out with my dad.
     Back home with food in our bellies, things from errands & take-out burgers for Jake's lunch. He goes out for coffee with his friends & comes back to drink it.
     Reunited & it feels so good. A friend of ours that moved to the UK for work has moved back. We hung out for a few hours. My Tim Horton's cup was even double Roll Up The Rimmed (I won nothing).
     It seemed like a total un-eventful birthday, the kind he likes. We had lasagna for dinner and watched Netflix.

     Today we did laundry,dishes (ie, I did them while Kaelynn napped) and cleaned out the Tax drawer. I threw out about 1/2 a bag of random papers. I didn't find what I was looking for,but found something I hope helps. Next Thursday I am getting my taxes done. Here's hoping its good news.

    When it comes to feeding/bath time/anything else except sleep, I let her call the shots. Eat until you spit out the nipple (unless it's been less than 10mins), bath time until she starts screaming (thankfully, shes liking baths now), tummy time until screaming or she falls asleep. Now, sleeping...yes she will be wide awake & alert, but when she's asleep, I make sure to try to keep her asleep at night. She's still not liking to sleep on her back, but can sleep with mommy or daddy. If I go to bed & hold her, even if she's alert & I sleep, she is quiet and unfussy, eventually, sleeping.
     We just had emercency bath time, she ate, and now its tummy time & I am going to see if we have icecream to go with a piece of bday cake! (this is why Im fat)

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