Monday, March 4, 2013

Little Miss

                                                  Me at 4 months                                         Kaelynn at a week

     I don't think she likes to go to the doctor's. She was up most of the night being alert and fussy. Plus, about every hour she would dirty her diaper, almost clock work. We spent the night in the chair watching Big Brother Canada. Everytime I thought I could put her to bed, she would be up again in about 20 minutes. Jake got a new position at work, and a new starting time - 7am, so I've been trying my best to let him sleep.

     She is still underweight, she is 6.9lbs.She still needs to be supplemented, now every other feed. I also picked up some Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle, since the doctor said they can go together. They said her jaundice is looking good. The rash in her groin/underarm rolls is looking good too. Yes, she's tiny, but she is strong (at least I think so, not like I have much new born experience).

     I wish it would start to warm up, so we can go for walks without me having to worry about her still freezing. Plus, I think it would help me lose weight. I am not yet at my pre-preg weight and closer to 200lbs.
     To get to the doctor's today, we took the bus. I was hoping there would be no wheel chairs, old people, or other baby carriages. Well, there were old people. The bus slowed down near one stop, and some old woman was like "oh..I hope they're not letting on another stroller". Meanwhile, this woman got off at the next stop anyway.

     Time to wake the babe up for a feed and tire her out to get her to sleep later!

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