Thursday, April 18, 2013

2 month appointmet

Late night stroll with Daddy

     Today was Kae's 2 month doctor's appointment.That means NEEDLES. She was asleep & fine in the waiting room, but once it was time for weighing & consultations, she was screaming like a banshee & there was nothing to soothe her. She took her needles like a pro though, not really a lot of screaming until afterwards- we had to sit around for 20 minutes anyway. While waiting, they tried to up the ultrasound for her neck. Instead of waiting until May 14th, we were given an order to go to the Children's Out-Patient Centre.
     At the COPC, we were too late for the ultrasound office, but we have them calling us for an appointment at an earlier date. We also saw a pediatrician who thinks that the lump on Kaelynn's neck is congenital torticollis. The one doctor at my office thought it could be that as well. For now, we wait for an ortho to call us & I have some minor physio to do at each diaper change, so her neck will go in the other direction (at least she doesn't have flat head yet). The pedi said she's had a good gain since birth, that made me happy since everyone was saying she was 'slow'.
BORN: 3.22KG 7.09LB (there was some discrepancy as the first weign in)
1 WEEK: 3.02KG 6.7LB
2 WEEK: 3.08KG 6.8LB
1 MONTH: 3.43KG 7.6LB
2 MONTH: 4.06KG 8.9LB (3RD percentile)
     It's going to be a long night, She's fussy from the shots & daddy is mad at FPS games.

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