Thursday, April 25, 2013

Babies come with instructions

     Today was her first visit for physiotherapy. She was unsure to begin with, but it went okay. Less screaming than I had anticipated.
     We were given written instructions on how to turn her neck (with pictures). She was turning her head to the right sometimes, so thats a good sign. With the instructions, there are more neckercises for when she is older. They are hopeful that she wont need a torticollis surgery when she's older if we follow the prescribed neckercises. The physiotherapist was saying most babies that get the surgery is because the parents do not follow through with the stretching.
     Everything for her to see has to be placed on her right side, to encourage her to look that way. When on our shoulders, she has to be on the left shoulder so the outside world is on her right - only she is content to have her face buried into people's necks.
     With tummy time, I picked her up a cheap soft towel from Loblaws to be rolled up under her. I was going to buy her a nursing pillow to do just that,  until a friend suggested a rolled up towel. I am sad that I never thought of that.
     Stretches are to be done 5 times a day, for 5 seconds, repeated 5 times. We will start tomorrow so it will be at the start of the day. Tonight, we will continue the one neck stretch at diaper change.
She goes back in a month for check up.

     Kaelynn has started to lick things to death. Om nom nom. She is currently on Daddy's lap, watching Supernatural, licking her blanket.

     I am going to sew her some rice sacks to hold her head up properly when she is in her car seat. I've not mad her a hat today since we were out from noon to almost 6pm, so at least I am making something. Tomorrow we are going on a Babywalk while Daddy does his taxes. It should be exciting.

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