Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hats off to you Kid

     Yesterday, I was invited to a Parent/Infant/Toddler group. It was 3 blocks from my house so I decided to go. The woman that invited me was a friend of my boyfriend's in highschool. On a whim I Friended her on Facebook and she invited us out to play. It was awkward. Apparently there are usually more babies there, but due to the weather it was mostly 8 month olds. It was a strange expericence. At Mother's Circle, we sit and talk about topics. At this PIT group, they started off by singing interactive songs with the child and then drinking tea while the toddlers toddled about. Kaelynn just sat on my lap watching and being curious. I didnt sing because I didn't know the words. Eventually, she got really fussy and upset. *sad*. The group runs every Wednesday 2-330. I don't know if I want to go back, I might have to push myself to, to make friends.

     Yesterday, I also picked up my crochet hook. First time in a long while. I started off making a Yoda hat and then a boobie beanie and then a bonnet. The sizing is for a 6 month, but they mostly fit, and she will grow into them. Better things be too big than too small. I posted the pictures up on Facebook and a friend's sister wants an adult Yoda hat. I started on that this morning and the base is almost finished. I had to improvise the sizing, I doubled it. Hopefully it works. The yarn is stretchy though.

     Bed time has gotten so much better. We have been putting her in her bed awake and turning on s mobile. She watches it until she falls asleep. When it's feeding time, we go to CouchTopia and fall asleep together. She is currently dozey as I blog - cooing and randomly crying in her sleep. Her arm is up in the air, and I want to make her a WonderWoman hat.

     It's lunch time (homemade mac n cheese with salsa). Then time to vaccum and finish the hat. Making baby hats seems to be addicting. I have so many ideas in my head - and I don't like to wear hats.

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  1. Hey Annie, I'm glad you came. Sorry it was awkward. I'm pretty quiet/shy - so I probably didn't help with that...sorry :/
    I started going when L was 3 months. I've seen 1 month old babies in the group too - but it's a drop in and babies are unpredictable. It's usually a good mix of ages.
    Hope to see you again. Whatever you're comfortable with. I know there are other groups around town too.
    take care!