Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy 2 Months

     Congrats kiddo! We have kept you alive for two months! Today is your 2 month birthday and you get a fox hat.
     Lately, she has been getting a bad case of the Angries and Screamies. I have no idea what to do. It seems like everything we try to do does not work. She's clean and dry. She's not cold or hot. She's been burped. She's been cuddled. She had a bath. She has been bounced. She's been fed. Nothing but screaming. The best part is it comes out of nowhere. There's nothing I can do sometimes but just to put her down and still hold her hand. I am hoping it's a growth spurt. Otherwise, she's a freakishly happy baby. I think it's because she's not napping. She will be awake and just stare, she's even been awake on bus/stroller rides now. Her poor eyes are getting baggy, puffy, and red.
     Yesterday, we went to a consignment sale and picked up a Snugli so Daddy can wear her. She doesn't like it yet, because her legs dangle instead of folded in, like with her wrap. With use, I hope she likes it. While there, I noticed a lack of baby hats at the booths. I know baby hats are all over the place, but I would like to think that I could be able to make some extra money by selling some hats. If I could make at least one a day, then by the end of the year, I should have lots. A whole army of hats is my goal. Now, I am seriously wondering if people will buy them.
     On Thursday, she goes in for her 2 month doctors appointment. I am worried about her height and weight. Hopefully, they look at her neck lump, since her ultrasound is a month away still.
     She is a lover of Bath Time, even Emergency Bath Time. She is starting to drool lots. She is starting to become Mrs. Grabbyhands and interested in everything. She is starting to fit in her cloth diapers better, even if some of them have giant leg gaps still. She has super neck control. She is still hating Tummy Time and has not rolled herself over. She won't burp if you try, but leave her alone & she's like a trucker. She's going to be super independant like her mama.
Blurbs from the Boyfriend
"She's moody because she's a girl. She's just practicing to be a woman"

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