Friday, October 18, 2013

8 Months Old

     It's been a crazy week. Almost a week since she turned 8 months.
To celebrate, we had Thanksgiving dinner (convenient it was on Thanksgiving). Her aunt Sarah and Grandpa Mike came over. In between that, there's been loads of packing going on. We move to a new house on Halloween.
     8 months is crazy. Kaelynn stood for 6 seconds. She's crawling all over and pulling herself up on everything. She's become very vocal, including talking with her mouth full.
Between being mobile enough to chase me & curious enough to needing to be by my side all the time, moving is fun.
     On Thanksgiving, she tried new foods and MEAT. This lil monkey likes her turkey. I made her a puree of turkey, potatoes, squash and brussel sprouts, she loved it. The next day, I gave her a piece of meat to chew on and she gummed it to bits and pieces. I am aiming for a mixture of baby lead weaning and purees. Slowly, I am making things more chunky for her to get used to them and also giving her new foods to try and hold. So far, nothing that shes held has made it into her mouth.

     This post has been sitting for a few days due to everything that's going on, and she's currently napping from a quick outting to pick up her Christmas present, so I should get my wheels in gear. The house we currently live in is being shown tomorrow morning at 11am. EEEP. If she wakes up, packing and cleaning the kitchen while Spice Girls play is always a good option. <3

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