Friday, September 26, 2014

A year and a half

     With everything that has been going on, I have been slacking. Plus, trying to blog from my phone during naps or at night isn't working out so well when it fails to publish and save. Many things have been going on.

     18 Months
          We had our 18 month appointment on Aug 19th and it was hard. We saw a new resident and a new nurse practioner. Our doctor switched sides of the office and got all new staff, the people I have seen for 20 years and I had hoped my daughter would grow to love, no longer see us. However, in a town where many people are doctorless, we still have one, so I shouldn't complain.
         The 18 month appointment was a check on her development and milestones versus health. It was an hour of questions and forms and judging. Yes, my daughter is tiny (23 lbs at 18 months) and doesn't talk and co-sleeps..but she is happy, eats like a horse and has never really been sick. They suggested speech therapy once she is past 2. Due to her walking early (10 months), her speech could be delayed and take a while to catch up. Instead of waiting that long, I self referred her to Early Expressions and she has an appointment in May 2015 (unless she gets a cancellation call). We are working with her and making her ask for things: "up please" "milk please" "I love you too" "good job" are just some of the mini sentences I am sure she has said, even if I can only understand.

The rest of the days
         The rest of the days have been spent learning and loving.We were even in a wedding, and she was the prettiest flower girl ever (and so well behaved). We have been working on colours, names of things, stacking, manners, and semi-attempting potty training. We have been going for walks, spending time outside and with friends and family. We have been on trips and just been enjoying the end of Summer. She has also been busy growing teeth. Kaelynn has 6 now and her canines are trying to pop through. It's amazing she has teeth now and so horrible on her bad days.
       I am feeling quite terrible that she seems to be scared of Hallowe'en. We took a walk one day with a friend and stopped in at Spirit Hallowe'en. As soon as we entered, she seemed tense. And then I made a mistake...
I stepped on a robot, thinking it just talked, and then her head went POP! She screamed and ran away. I picked her up and she cling onto me for dear life. Nothing would make her feel better, except for a Flounder (The Little Mermaid) trick or treat pail that I made her give to the cashier instead of buying. Even after we had left, I could still feel her clinging onto me. She now seems to be afraid of anything to do with it. Target and the Dollarama's sections seems to scare her, even cute little felted bats and glittery pumpkins. Daddy didn't seem to believe me until he walked down the spooky aisle of the Dollarama with her. She refused to touch anything and then she had a melt down once she saw the severed limbs. I know reassurance and exposure help with fears, but it's hard. Hopefully, she will be good for Trick Or Treating around the neighbourhood - especially since I DIY'd a pretty cute costume.
19 Months
      19 months was not much different than 18, but more of her huge personality is coming out. She's definitely the boss of the house. She is loving to her stuffed animals and babies. She offers them snacks and takes them on adventures when we go out. Her behaviour towards the cats is not so nice; she tries to step on them and gets mad when they touch her toys or come near her. She is more than happy to feed them in the morning though, going so far as to lead me to the bathroom and point at the cat food container.
                       We have some fun things coming up
                       This afternoon, we are going to the mall to see My Little Pony perform. I told her what the plan was this morning, and in her Spotty AMP diaper, she tried to lead me to the stairs all excited...until I told her we had to wait and get dressed.
                      October 4th, we are going to the Battersea Pumpkin Festival. I hope it's super fun. I have never been, but have heard great things from others.


  1. She is just so stinkin' cute! Some doctors seem to forget that all kids reach those milestones at different times. And just because they don't fit in some pre determined, means nothing chart, doesn't mean the child won't succeed.

    Sorry to hear that she got frightened in the Halloween store. Hopefully she will have fun trick or treating. Her costume is just too adorable!

    I literally laughed out loud when you said she tries to step on the cats and gets mad when they touch her toys.

    Sounds like y'all had a fun and busy summer!

    1. And yet she's reached 2 year old milestones already....but.let's ignore those.

      That's just an adorable shirt I bought her, she's going to be (mumbles) for Halloween. I might share some of the chocolate. I tried again today at Target and no go. Even a pink pumpkin candy bucket had her saying "nonono".

      :( sadly, I.don't think she's going to be a very good cat lady