Friday, September 26, 2014

My Little Pony

     MY LITTLE PONY came to our mall for a live action event. I wrote it down and invited my mom to come along. When this was planned, I did not know that it was on a PA day. We arrived an hour early and hung out.
     We picked up a paper pony ears hat that she refused to wear, some stickers and a paper ruler. We then went to play with Play Doh. It was her first time using it and was unsure. Once we got home, she loved it.
     It was go time. It started and she couldn't take her eyes off the stage. She didn't quite know what was going on and didn't freak out. LARGE ponies were infront of her and not on the t.v. Eventually, she got into it and would dance holding my hands or making me wiggled her.
     It was a 30 min show which is perfect for little people and the big people in the costumes. Afterwards, she got spoiled.
Both my mom and I bought her a pony. When we went to pay for them, she had a melt down due to no nap and over stimulation. Once we got home, I only gave her Rainbow Dash (Pinkie Pie is for her Christmas stocking). Since we've been home, she's not really let go of her (just long enough to eat, play and pick things up off the ground).

     It was a super great afternoon. We will be back for more events like this at our mall.

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