Tuesday, August 27, 2013

6 months prep

      In 6 months, Kaelynn is turning 1. It's big and exciting and scary all at the same time.
     Jake is a party pooper and wants it to be cheap and small. He's not a very "holiday" person. I am. I have already come up with a non Valentine's day theme- glitter and unicorns.

      Earlier this month, we went to our friend Z's 1st birthday and it was themed rainbow. When I look up unicorns, they are combined with rainbow. I am looking for something different. Kaelynn is a very unicorn baby. She loves her toy unicorns and is usually sporting a single horn in her hair.  Glitter, because it's something fun and magical different. The problem is most of her friends are boys. I am trying to think of loot that is boyish and fits the theme.  I picked some stuff up today and have started making test rock candy (if 1 year olds can't eat it, mom can). I am going to make my own horn hats.

I already have the day set, February 15. The day before is a Friday and is.Valentine's day. We can do a family thing (& some sort of VDay celebration). Saturday is a friend party at our house.

Yep. A plan 6 months in the works.

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