Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pass The Peas, Please

     Kaelynn is 5.5 months old now. She seems to have a strong interest in our food, so this morning she got some Baby Bulleted peas and breast milk.
     She was unsure about them. She would open her mouth for the spoon, but once the food was in her mouth, she decided she didn't want it- I didn't force them upon her. We're going to try again later this afternoon. It could just be she wanted what we have when we have it. She LOVES licking food juice off our fingers.

     Throughout the day, I fed her more peas. Peas after I had lunch, peas after I had dinner. It got to the point where she was opening her mouth for them. I haveno real idea how much I should feed her, but the jar she polished off only had about 2 tbsp worth of peas in in. I figure all day she must have had 1-1.5 tbsp of peas.
      A video from her finishing off her peas for the night.Notice she grabs the spoon to shove it in her gob & keeps lookimg towards her pea pot?  I'm thinking she likes them.(I'm also hoping I don't sound as silly in person as I do in video).

Blurbs from the boyfriend:
"But it's SO watery"
"Think about what she eats on a daily basis.."

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